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Having a website is not enough, imagine that a new user interested in your product or service, decide to look for it on the internet. If you are not on Google or another search engine when it searches for what your company is looking for it will not be found, which means it will be any one of your competitors to win this sale even if it is of inferior quality.

Does having a website solve all problems?

Online advertising through digital marketing, investing in a website and social networks for business growth, is the best solution for those who want to stay and excel in the market without the need for great resources and investment.

The Web began as a small singularity, which has consequently expanded to the billions of web pages we see today.

While the question “How many sites are there?” May seem more prosaic, the answer may still make us aware of the ocean of opportunity we have.

And the answer to that question is … well, anything like 1.6 to 1.9 billion web sites in 2019

This number is by far the exact same as just an approximate idea, considering that there are many inactive sites that dilute this general statistic.

However the Web continues to grow, and as stated by websitehostingrating, in January 2019 there were about 4,100,667,287 active users. If compared with the 3.42 billion users in 2016, we find that this is the channel to invest.

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6 reasons for investing in seo

SEO offers lasting results

If you start a new websit it is important to know that you will see the results in approximately 6 to 12 months. It may seem like a great deal of time for some, but if done correctly, it will keep your site in SERP and the results obtained can last for years. This can have a high importance of SEO for small businesses that are having difficulties to succeed.

Achieve impressive ROI

SEO brings a great Return On Investment (ROI) if you have a healthy budget and an ongoing planning process. I do not define unrealistic expectations. I always predict about 6 to 12 months of SEO, otherwise you risk losing money and it is better to use that budget for something else. Paying just a few months will not bring you the results you want and it would be like throwing money out of the window, literally.

Organic search results

Search visibility is a big asset, and Google has a significantly larger share of the search market than competitors such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and more. A website that everyone likes is always appreciated by Google. Constant optimization and content quality will keep the website as a trusted source from Google and will be awarded a good ranking position in search engine results. [

More Customers with Local

Due to the increase in mobile searches and voice searches, the local SEO started to dominate SEO trends. Searching anywhere in the company on the maps helps the user to have greater confidence and knowledge about your company. Google Business is a great way to start the search engine optimization process locally.

offers credibility and trust

More than ever trust and credibility, with the latest migration to HTTPS, are factors to consider. This means that the goal of SEO should be to create trust and credibility for Google and the user. If you gain trust and credibility, your site will gain authority, so you need to deliver quality content, a clean, easy-to-use site. Every business growth needs UX in its lead generation strategy.

SEO is measurable

SEO provides a lot of analytics data for the site. The only difficulty I encounter is checking the data and making decisions to improve the results and increase the visibility of the site. It can be a bit difficult to read and understand the data provided and you need to think well before taking any action. Any good SEO practitioner will start by finding the least good data from this mountain of data, which should not be a big challenge.

Much of the online research is done from smartphones or tablets


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