Hello, My name is Raul Silva

Self-taught, persistent and eager to acquire knowledge, it’s who I am, at least that’s what I’m told. I’m happy to solve problems, optimize processes and find new solutions. I believe that everything can be solved with a good mug of coffee (preferably full) and a new perspective.

I'm a Digital Freelancer

As a freelancer, I love what I do and I have the privilege of not working a single day. It is a passionate race and a constant learning process that I enjoy daily.
Building a website from scratch is what I do best, optimizing or managing and configuring networks is my comfort zone.

It’s hard work, judgment and error, but worth every minute of my time
In spite of being a senior, I consider myself a millenarian, entrepreneur, eager for knowledge and always looking for new solutions and processes that can somehow add value to the processes already installed in companies.

I’m not at all formal in the IT support to companies and I avoid repetitive processes and waste of time with bureaucracies. If I can solve the problem at the moment, why wait for that email …

Be humble, teachable, and keep learning.


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